Are you headed for a meltdown?

Take a short quiz to find out if your team's project might be in the danger zone.

Your Systems

For the kinds of projects my team works on, a lot of different things need to go right for us to succeed.
If our initial plan doesn't work, we can usually just try another approach.
My team pays a lot of attention to small things that don’t go quite as expected.

Tough Decisions

Usually, when my team makes a tough choice, we can quickly figure out if we’ve made the right decision.
My teammates and I perform at least as well in stressful situations as we do in normal ones.
When our work gets tough, we keep our heads down and push forward.

Your Team

On our team, everybody knows quite a bit about everybody else’s job.
When a person I work with makes a mistake, it’s sometimes held against them.
On our team, it’s easy for people to bring up problems.
On our team, most of us are specialists with similar professional backgrounds.
A lot of the people I work with are like me in terms of race and gender.
We frequently solicit input from people who aren’t on our team.